Shri RAVI KUMAR PRAJAPATHI started Shantha Lakshmi IAS Academy in 2019. "Everyone can dream and everyone can reach their goal". With this inspiration, Sri Ravi Kumar sir started preparing for civil services though he belongs to a humble background. However, with the lack of proper guidance, He could reach the IAS interview 4 times. Though the dream of serving our society and to provide a positive impact on the society was shuttered, the will to fulfill the dream was intact. As swami vivekananda said if you win you can lead, if you lose you can guide.. Ravi kumar sir just changed the way , not the goal, so he started a platform by mentoring civil services aspirants in various Top institutions in Delhi . While mentoring and working with reputed institutes he understood the problems faced by the aspirants directly. His new initiative of ALL India Personal Mentorship program addressed various concerns of IAS Aspirants. As a result, the success of hundreds of aspirants, motivated him to provide holistic education to the upcoming IAS aspirants which led to the foundation of Shantha Lakshmi IAS Academy.


To provide best quality bureaucracy to the nation by imparting holistic educational qualities.


By understanding the importance of holistic education, an education that seeks to engage all aspects of the learner, including mind, body, and spirit. Ravi Kumar sir designed a holistic preparation method by combining 3 stages of the Civil Services exam in an innovative way. This method not only Empowers students with knowledge but also makes them realize the inner strength within to be part of the knowledge society. This type of approach not only enables them to succeed in India's most challenging examination and enriches them with the qualities of leadership to lead in society.