Know Where You Gonna Step In

Shanthalakshmi Academy Exams Clinic

Our Academy is an idea of our students who have proven themselves into Indian Administrative Services, Before you know about my academy it is better to get the idea about the personality behind this,
I am Ravi Kumar Vodela (Founder) formerly known as a Govt Teacher, Teaching is my passion which has converted in to profession, Knowledge flows and success follows, where passion meets profession.

I always suggest my students, Never run after the success, Just do your work dedicatedly in a unique way then the success follow us.

Being in to the teaching field, I’ve decided to become IAS Officer… but didn’t, as the destiny has another plan about me, whom ever I’ve trained has cleared their exams, I was surprised to see their results, later all those students are serving in a higher positions has requested me to teach many of the students, as I am better in teaching. Thats where this sacademy is established for 4 years till the date.

What you can learn from us is…

  • Strategy for exam.
  • How to prepare for the test.
  • What to concentrate.
  • Where to strike.