A mentor is an experienced and trusted  advisor to make you successful. since ancient days ,we have a tradition called “Guru shishya  parampara”  in which Guru personally used to guide his students. History is replete with such examples in which the student had single-handedly won empires on advise of personal mentor. Like Chandragupta Maurya  heeded the advise of  kautilya and became the king of Magadh. Proper guidance to Arjuna led him to win Kurukshetra War on advise of Dronacharya, whereas self experiments of Abhimanyu led him to get succumbed in the war.

MENTORSHIP is necessarily not only in education, but also has essential role in all fields encompassing human life. In sports, Achrekar has produced  “The god of cricket”, Sachin Tendulkar, likewise  P.Gopichand mentored champions like Saina nehwal, P.V.Sindhu.

Infact  in Music and Dance , It has more entrenched impact. It is nearly impossible to master the music instrument without mentor. The great musician Tansen was guided by swami Haridas.


We have seen that mushrooming of coaching institutes and various websites has flooded the market with information pollution.This makes the aspirant busy in visiting websites, buying unnecessary materials, spending huge amount of  hard earned money ,valuable time and energy. Sometimes a youthful stage of precious human life goes in vain in preparation only. Here ,the role of mentor comes into the picture to purify your preparation.

Lack of proper awareness..

Thousands of serious aspirants are entering into the Civil Services preparation every year. After spending years together, they are not able to clear even Preliminary Exam. It is not because of lack of hard-work and commitment, but because of lack of proper awareness of hidden difficulties and strategies. Here,they require an experienced helping hand to know what the UPSC demands from the aspirants.


Mains examination requires conceptual clarity, content enrichment and timely completion of exam. Although aspirants have good knowledge, but they struggle to write relavant answers as per demands of the questions. We as mentor, will focus on your writing skills, concepts clarity and writing speed personally from basic to advanced stage of answer articulation.


Most of  the Aspirants are reading, mugging and writing the similar matter while writing answers  but only few get the opportunity to see their name in the final divine list. By analyzing, we can say that selected candidates have extra edge and guidance. Here, we as mentor will add value to let you score maximam and make you different from others.


Every Aspirant is unique in himself, having their own strength and weaknesses. We often see that big bang coachings are not able to provide personalized support nor the faculty has time to answer student queries. Even if the faculty clarifies the doubts  in the class, “One shoe does not fit all”. We, as mentor, will make your strategies personally and will be available to answer your queries.


It is very unique feature of our Mentorship Programme. We will be your guide, philosopher and preparation partner with whose help you can balance your personal life issues with focused preparation.